Spot On Casting Ltd. is an independent casting company. Since 1995 we’ve worked as leading casting directors, focussing on casting feature films, TV series and commercials both nationally and internationally.

Lene Seested was on the 1st of July 2019, honored and recognized as a member of ‘The Academy Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences’.

Founder Lene Seested is a pioneer in the field, and is the first in Denmark to draw inspiration from international approaches within the casting industry; among other things, to introduce showreels and self-tapes for the industry, and the establishment of a strong relationship, since the end of the 90s, with casting colleagues in London and the United States.

With a great passion for actors, their craft, talent, and rights, we consider ourselves to be specialists in relation to the film- and TV industry in Scandinavia and Internationally.

Panorama Agency Ltd., Panorama Academy, Panorama Productions and Spot On Casting Ltd. is today companies consolidated under the name Panorama House, and the companies are in daily, sharply separated, but under the same roof, where everything started; namely in Ryesgade 103B on in Copenhagen.

Lene Seested has been Susanne Bier’s personal casting director since 1996, and she has been responsible for casting the main and supporting cast for Susanne’s films since the feature film ‘Sekten’, and one of her latest films ‘A Second Chance’.

For Spot On Casting it is essential to take all actors in mind -with or without an agent. We always give the director the widest, best selection, to make the decision-making as smooth and positive as possible.

We have specialized ourselves to cast main and supporting roles in feature films, TV series and high-end commercials. For many years we’ve built a close network with actors in the industry.

We are mainly employed as casting directors to present and communicate high-end projects for A-level actors.

Since our beginning, we have placed paid jobs to about 4,000 actors and extras. We always work with DSF contracts and agreements. We take great pride in providing and communicating the best possible fees for the actors.

One of founder Lene Seested’s biggest strength is spotting undiscovered talent and helping them to breakthrough, including artists: Sidse Babatt Knudsen (The One and Only), Sonja Richter (Open Hearts),  Molly Egelind (Father of Four, Triple Dare, Love is All You Need), Neel Rønholt (Life Hits, At Night, After the Wedding), Sebastian Jessen (Love is All You Need), Carla Mickelborg (Father of Four), Cyron Melville (Triple Dare, Life Hits).

Since 1995 we have been involved in more than 70 feature films and many TV series. Lene has cast main and supporting roles for multiple award-winning films and TV series, in Denmark and abroad, such as: NRKs TV-series Mammon, which won best international drama at the International Emmy Awards in 2017
Thomas Vinterberg’s award-winning ‘Festen’
Susanne Bier’s Oscar and Golden Globe-winning ‘In A Better World’, ‘Brothers’ and ‘Love Is All You Need’ – winner of best comedy at the European Film Awards in 2013
The Oscar-nominated ‘After the Wedding’
Anders Thomas Jensen’s ‘Flickering Lights’
Sean Penn’s ‘Into the Wild’
Paramount Pictures, ‘Vanilla Sky’, ‘The Prince & Me’ and ‘Behind Enemy Lines’
HBO’s ‘True Blood’ by Alan Ball

Moreover, we have cast more than 300 of the country’s best-known TV commercials, for example, Tom’s Chocolates, DSB, Red Cross, Cancer Society.
Casting for Danish TV series, include titles such as: ‘Taxi’, ‘Better Times’, ‘The Killing ‘and ‘Nynne’ TV series.

Spot On Casting has harvest growing international recognition, and therefore international film- and TV productions are now also a big part of Spot On Casting’s daily work.

Director and owner Lene Seested has worked as one of the leading casting directors since 1994, and she founded her own talent bureau Panorama Agency in 1996, which grew fastest into two areas: Panorama Agency ApS and Panorama Casting. In 2006 Panorama Casting was renamed Spot On Casting.

Since 2009, the CEO of Spot On Casting Ltd’s CEO has been Martin Jensen. Lene Seested currently works as CEO of Panorama House, as agent/manager, strategist, and mentor.

We are ready to provide our professional knowledge and network – and thereby identify, in collaboration with you, the best solution for your project.

We look forward to a fruitful collaboration.