Since 1995 we have worked as leading casting directors focussing on casting for feature films, TV series and commercials on a national and international scale.

With a great passion for talented actors, their craft and their rights, we consider ourselves to be specialists within the film- and TV industry in Scandinavia and Internationally.

We are specialized in casting main and supporting roles in feature films, TV series, and high-end commercials. Over many years we’ve created close connections with actors through our active casting work in the entertainment industry.

We are mainly employed as casting directors to present and communicate high-end projects for A-level actors.

Spot On Casting is proud to offer access to both Danish and international actors for participation in films and commercials, through our long-standing collaboration with major agencies abroad. In addition to actors, we have access to well-known personalities such as athletes and musicians.

Panorama House,
Spot On Casting,

Lene Seested, Head of Creative